Videoblogging Week Day 4: Japanese Peanuts

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I’m going to be posting every now and then some foods you can get in Mexico but that I haven’t seen in the US. Today’s post is the first one, featuring Japanese Style Peanuts. I’m not sure if they have these peanuts in Japan, but a friend of ours from Japan said they don’t. Has anyone else seen these in other places?

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NOTE: This is NOT an advertisement. I am receiving NO financial compensation for posting this video. It is only a demonstration of a type of food I like and find interesting.

14 Responses to “Videoblogging Week Day 4: Japanese Peanuts”

  1. 1 cindy

    I have been looking for them as well. They are truly delicious!!

  2. 2 Dave

    They are originally from Japan. The hard coating is made from rice flour and flavored with soy sauce.

  3. 3 Dennis

    Thanks, Dave.

  4. 4 Bryan

    I love them as well and buy them in big bags (with 50 little clear bags inside) from Honey Bee Market – La Colmena in Mexicantown, Detroit. Awesome snack and a great price.

  5. 5 Cathy

    I first tasted them during vacations in Mexico and was hooked, they’re like crack !

    I managed to find my precious precious japanese style peanuts here:

    Did some research and have not found any evidence these come from Japan, I think this is probably some Mexican marketing ploy as these seem to be as Japanese as Chichis is Mexican.

    Cute video BTW, I wish someone would do something as classy for potato chips !

  6. 6 alan

    The nuts originally were made in Japan. There are different varieties with different flavors such as wasabi and curry. Nowadays they are manufactured in Thailand and Taiwan.
    They are called variously shoyu peanuts, iso peanuts or peanut cracker. Do a search on
    google under those names. They are common in Hawaii, being sold in drug stores like
    Long’s and supermarkets. Wholesale Unlimited, a local company, sells them online.
    See them at

  7. 7 Dennis

    Thanks for all the responses! I didn’t think there would be so many people interested in Japanese peanuts.

  8. 8 Sally

    That is so funny- we became instant addicts, as well! Found them in Mahahual and can’t find the same ones in US (so far!) Does anyone know if they are fried or baked?
    Loved the video too – kept expecting something weird to happen.

  9. 9 Tammy

    These peanuts are also made in Chula Vista Ca and are very easy to find in California say at Arco or your neighborhood liquor store.

  10. 10 Eric

    I found these at the local flea market at the Allstate Arena in Chicago. The guys told me they were Chinese spicy peanuts (I got the spicy ones). I will be keeping my eye out for them at the local Mexican grocery stores.

  11. 11 Carlos

    We have them in brazil also. I’m totally addicted since childhood.

  12. 12 Julian

    Wal-Mart actually has them in their store’s. Well their stores in heavily Mexican neighborhoods. The brand differs from time to time. They are found in the Mexican food isle, as well as by the 20 items or less registers. Also if you have a Mexican food market in your town, you are more than likely going to find them there.

  13. 13 Romanticide

    As far as I knew this peanuts were invented by a japanese guy… but outside of Japan, in Mexico :D

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